Collections of Lepidoptera from Trinidad and Venezuela by Ralph du Boulay Evans (1891–1929)

Matthew Cock


The Lepidoptera collection of the Natural History Museum, London (BMNH) includes material labelled from Trinidad collected by R. du B. Evans. In preparing my account of the Hesperiidae of Trinidad (this issue and previous papers), I have seen occasional specimens in the BMNH of a small number of such specimens, mainly of the larger species of Hesperiidae. The ones I have seen do not have original locality labels, but were labelled undated from Trinidad, with the collector (R. du B. Evans) and the BMNH Accession Number (1934-29) on a single printed label. W.H. Evans curated the Hesperiidae in the BMNH collection as coming from Trinidad and included them in his listings of the BMNH holdings (Evans 1955 and earlier volumes). Until recently I had no reason to question their provenance (e.g. Cock 2003).

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