The Skipper Butterflies (Hesperiidae) of Trinidad Part 16, Hesperiinae, Genera Group J, Vettius – Naevolus

Matthew J.W. Cock


Trinidad skippers of the genera Vettius, Turesis, Thoon, Justinia, Eutychide, Onophas and Naevolus (Evans’ Genera Group J; Moncini (part)) are treated. Details are given of the taxonomy, history, description, identification and biology of the 12 Trinidad species in these genera. Of these, only one species, Vettius fantasos (Stoll), occurs in Tobago. Adults of all species are illustrated, as are the male genitalia of Vettius tertianus (Herrich-Schäffer), Eutychide complana (Herrich- Schäffer) and E. subcordata subcordata (Herrich-Schäffer). The life histories of Vettius phyllus phyllus (Cramer) (from Colombian material), Justinia justinianus hyperythrus (Kaye), and E. s. subcordata are described and illustrated.

Key words: Trinidad, Hesperiidae, Vettius, Turesis, Thoon, Justinia, Eutychide, Onophas, Naevolus, life history.

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