A New Locality Record for the Coral Snake, Micrurus circinalis (Reptilia: Serpentes: Elapidae) on Monos Island, Trinidad and Tobago

Stevland P. Charles, Stephen Smith


The most extensive treatment to date of the distribution of the terrestrial herpetofauna of the satellite islands off Trinidad’s north-western peninsular has been that of Boos (1984). Following this, additions to the herpetofauna were noted by Boos (1990) and Boos and Quesnel (1994). Temple (1996) conducted a fairly intensive study of the distribution of plants and animals on the Five Islands (a subset of the aforementioned north-western satellite islands comprised of six of the smallest of these islands) and based on his findings predicted that the much larger Bocas Islands (also a part of this north-western satellite island group) would be expected to host a greater number of reptile species than had previously been recorded there. Indeed, Temple’s speculations have proven to be of some merit as several new locality records for reptiles in the Bocas Islands have been made since then (Lall and Hayes 2000; Hayes and Eitniear 2002; Charles 2007; Charles and Smith 2008). We visited the Bocas Islands during July and August 2008 and conducted brief herpetological surveys. Here we report one new locality record for a snake on Monos Island.

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