Observations of Reptiles on Huevos Island, Trinidad, with Five Lizard Species Newly Recorded for the Island

Stevland P. Charles, Stephen Smith


Observations of reptiles are reported for Huevos Island, Trinidad, with five new lizard records noted for the island. Interesting behaviour in the species Cnemidophorus lemniscatus and a fairly unique pattern of distribution in three congeners of Gonatodes raise interesting questions that may generate future scientific inquiry. Comments are made on the need for further research in the areas of biodiversity and biogeography in the region.

Key words: Bocas Islands, Huevos Island, Gonatodes, Sphaerodactylus, Thecadactylus, Gymnophthalmus, Cnemidophorus, Iguana, Tropidurus, Mabuya, Eretmochelys.

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