New Bat Record (Mammalia: Chiroptera) for Huevos Island, Trinidad and Tobago

Mark S. Greener, Amy E. Deacon, Dan Jaggernauth, Mike G. Rutherford


During a TTFNC overnight trip to Huevos Island, an evening bat survey was conducted on 22 February, 2014. Three 12m nets and a harp trap were set up  in the dry forest north of the only house on the island and were open from 1845 until 2110 h. The  first net was set up diagonally (southwest - northeast) along the side of a gully and across a  dry stream bed, ending on the other side. The second net was set up (north - south) on the east  side of the gully on a flat patch of ground about 4m above the dry stream bed. The third net was  set up (west - east) south of the second net on the same flat ground running alongside a fallen wall that was set just before the edge of the cliff at the back of the house. The harp trap was set  up farther up the gully from the first net. During the survey, 12 bats were caught, of which three were observed but escaped the nets either during handling or before they could be extracted from the nets.

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