Xylophanes titana (Druce) (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) in Trinidad

Matthew J.W. Cock


Xylophanes titana (Druce) was described from Pana­ma, and is reported from Mexico to southern Brazil. The row of pale markings on the hind wing upper surface are pale yellow. Only one other Trinidad sphingid has similar yel­low markings: X. tersa tersa (Drury), which is a common species found throughout the island in disturbed situations. Xylophanes titana was first recorded from Trinidad by Stradling et al. (1983), who recorded one male from 3,767 trap-nights using mercury vapour light moth traps in the St. Augustine area, in the period 1969-1977. In contrast, they report six specimens from 20 trap-nights at Simla, Arima Valley. Since then I have found it to be an occasional species, males coming to light in the Northern Range (Arima-Blanchisseuse Road, milestone 9 ¾; Morne Bleu Textel; North Coast Road, Carisal Trace) and have seen up to five specimens in one evening. I have no records from central or southern Trinidad.

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