The Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists’ Club Trail Guide Second Edition - Paul L. Comeau, I. Reginald Potter and Prudence K. Roberts

Victor C. Quesnel


“A second edition of anything should show improve­ments”. That is the opening sentence of the preface to the second edition of The Trinidad and Tobago Field Natural­ists’ Club Trail Guide, so I propose to tell you about them. The book is substantially larger than the first edition with 364 pages instead of 276 pages. This increase results from the inclusion of six new trails and the provision of a map for each trail, old and new. This new feature is important because it gives an idea of the trail as a whole with some sense of the overall direction and the twists and turns in­volved. GPS readings are given for the start of every trail and many waypoints between there and the destination. If you have a working GPS instrument you should never be lost. It is important to check your instrument to make sure that the reading it gives for the start of the trail is the same as that given in the book.

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