The Skipper Butterflies (Hesperiidae) of Trinidad Part 14, Hesperiinae, Genera Group L

Matthew J.W. Cock


Details are given of the taxonomy, history, description, identification and biology of the nine genera and 15 Trinidad species of Genera Group L of the Hesperiidae (Lepidoptera). Decinea lucifer (Hübner) is a new island record for Trinidad. All 15 species are illustrated as adults. The early stages are illustrated for Saturnus saturnus saturnus (Fabricius), Quinta cannae (Herrich-Schäffer), Cynea irma (Möschler) and C. diluta (Herrich-Schäffer) from Trinidad material, and for Rhinthon cubana osca (Plötz) from Colombian material, and notes are provided on the early stages of Saturnus reticulata reticulata (Plötz). Three genera and three species also occur in Tobago.

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