Trinidad’s Leaf Shoemaker is Zaretis ellops (Ménétriés), not Z. itys (Cramer) (Nymphalidae)

Matthew J.W. Cock


Willmott and Hall (2004) examined museum material from several major collections, and concluded that the genus Zaretis comprises six species, four of which are very similar. This group of four similar species includes that known in Trinidad as the leaf shoemaker, Zaretes (a mis-spelling of Zaretis) isadora (Cramer) (Kaye 1921) or Anaea itys (Cramer) (Barcant 1970). Barcant (1970) followed the treatment current at that time, i.e. isadora is a synonym of itys. Willmott and Hall (2004) include Trinidad in the distribution of only one of these four similar Zaretis spp.: i.e. Z. ellops Ménétriés. I have examined the material in my collection (2 males and 2 females) and A. Hall’s collection at the Booth Museum, Brighton (4 males, 6 females, treated as Z. isadora ellops and Z. isadora strigosa) and consider that all represent Z.ellops as characterized by Willmott and Hall (2004).

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