On the Food Plant of the Large Southern White Butterfly, Ganyra phaloe lamonti (Kaye) (Pieridae)

Matthew J.W. Cock


On 17 May, 1999, Scott Alston-Smith and I observed a female G. phaloe lamonti at Inniss Field. The female was fluttering around a low growing plant in dappled sunlight within the light forest cover that prevails in that area. She showed typical ovipositing behaviour – alighting, taking off, fluttering, alighting again nearby, and appeared to oviposit once before flying away. On the leaves where we thought we had seen the female oviposit, we found two typical spindle-shaped pierid eggs. Closer examination showed that the plant was sprawling across the forest floor, and my herbarium specimen (No 259) was subsequently identified by Winston Johnson of the National Herbarium as Steriphoma elliptica Spreng. (Capparaceae).

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