A la Découverte des Papillons du Jour des Antilles Françaises - L. Brévignon and C. Brévignon

Matthew J.W. Cock


This little book presents (in French) the butterflies of Guadeloupe, Martinique and associated islands, with occasional reference to St. Bartholomew in the Virgin Islands. It covers 57 species: 13 Nymphalidae, 12 Lycaenidae, 12 Pieridae, 1 Papilionidae and 19 Hesperiidae, of which 11, 5, 12, 1 and 14 respectively also occur in Trinidad, although in several cases as different subspecies. Each species gets a one page summary, including comments on preferred habitat and observed food plants, and pictures of a pinned adult and a living adult. No less than 47 species have been reared and the early stages of these are also illustrated. At the back are two further pages illustrating pinned adults – new to Guadeloupe, or endemic subspecies. The illustrations are in full colour throughout.

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