On the Heat Sensitivity of the “Luminous Lizard” Proctoporus shrevei

John Lum Young, Paul Comeau, Adrian Hailey, Dan Jaggernauth, Bobby Oumdath, Victor C. Quesnel


On 12 April, 2004 the writers caught a male P. shrevei on the edge of a stream at an elevation of about 700 m on the route to Soho Cave in the Aripo Valley. It remained enclosed in the palm of the hand less than two minutes but went into a comatose state and had to be revived by pouring some cold water over it from the stream. It survived the return trip and was subsequently kept in captivity for several months. It would seem that our lizard when held in the hand went into heat-stroke, and this result should serve as a warning to others to handle captured lizards of this species as little as possible, if they are to remain alive.

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