Butterfly Trails - H. R. Roegner

Matthew J.W. Cock



The vignette of particular interest to this readership is the chapter entitled “Trinidad-Barcant.” Malcolm Barcant is the author of Trinidad’s only butterfly field guide, based on his 50 years col­lecting here (Barcant 1970). Inspired by Barcant’s book and reports that Barcant had been prohibited from taking his collection with him when he emigrated (leading to its acquisition by Angostura), Roegner made four visits to Trinidad between 1979 and 1984 to try and recreate Barcant’s comprehensive collection outside the island. He achieved 250 out of his target of 400 butterflies other than Hesperiidae; 15 of these illustrate the front of the book’s dust cover. This chapter describes his second visit, made in 1980, the most memorable in terms of species and events.

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