Changes in the Number of Lesser Nighthawks at Caroni Sanctuary Car Park

Victor C. Quesnel


On the night of 11 August, 1989 on the way home to Talparo from Port of Spain, I decided to pass through the parking lot of the Caroni Sanctuary to look for nighthawks. On that night, two days after first quarter, I saw four or five of them, and encouraged by this observation, passed in again on 12 August and 18 August (one day after full moon), saw three of them on the second visit and two on the third. They all seemed to be the same species, and after careful scrutiny and checking of descriptions and illustrations, I came to the conclusion that the species was the Lesser Nighthawk, Chordeiles acutipennis. Over the next five years I made it a habit to return home via the Caroni Savannah Road once per month at or near full moon, and on the way simply drive slowly through the carpark in the same circular route looking for these birds.

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