Post-fledging Dependence of a Young Ornate Hawk-Eagle

Richard ffrench


It is difficult to study the post-fledging behaviour of forest hawks, since too often the birds seem to disappear from sight among the trees. On 22 September, 1999 I found an immature Ornate Hawk-Eagle feeding at the forest nest below Asa Wright Nature Centre where adults have for several years raised young. In mid-April I had seen an adult feeding a downy chick in the same nest. It seems likely that the same birds were involved in both sightings, especially as in September I had often heard a young bird calling repeatedly, probably trying to attract the parent’s attention; maybe on this occasion it had succeeded. However, I cannot be sure that the parent brought food for the young on this occasion. It seems worthwhile to document the juvenile development in this species, especially as the nesting is so well established in this area, and the security of these birds is likely to remain in good hands.

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