Theodore Francis “Frankie” Farrell 29 December, 1907 – 19 December, 2003

Victor C. Quesnel


Frankie Farrell was born to Charles Farrell and his wife Mary (Brunton) Farrell on 29 December, 1907. He was the last of a family of seven boys, and apparently the smallest. He attributed his small size to the following circumstances. At age two he developed jaundice and was ill for a long time, badly enough to be thought in danger of death. After he recovered, he disliked food and would not eat reasonable amounts until late in his teenage years. The family lived in Picton Street for some time during his boyhood, but I do not know if they lived there when he went to school at Tranquility Boys Intermediate School. I suspect they did, for it would have been easily possible for him to walk to school from there.

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