The Palm Book of Trinidad and Tobago, Including the Lesser Antilles - Paul Comeau, Yasmin Comeau, Winston Johnson

Victor Quesnel


Twice in his short forward John Dransfield of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew calls this publication a “beautiful” book – and that is true; it is beautiful. One might call it stunningly beautiful because of the high quality printing, layout and binding, the attractive subject matter, the large number of excellent colour photographs and faithfulness with which the pictures convey not only the shapes and colours of the living palms, but also the mood of the localities in which they grow, e g. the quiet intimacy of rain forest or the hint of menace of the windswept south coast of Trinidad. However, it is also a scientific book and a thorough book. First, it is scientific. The 22 native palms and two introduced ones are described in detail with coloured pictures to complement the descriptions and illustrate, for most of them, not only the whole plant but also the inflorescence, fruit and spines, if any.

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