Guanapo Cave

Johanna P.E.C. Darlington


Guanapo Cave is a small, easily accessible cave occupied by roosting bats. The cave is well known and often visited, but has not previously been surveyed or studied in detail. The cave is situated in the Heights of Guanapo, a steepsided valley on the south side of the Northern Range, Trinidad. The cave is on the hillside to the west of the Guanapo River, a short distance above the top of a disused quarry. It can be found by following the track to the top of the quarry, then following the bed of a small dry stream into the edge of the forest. The cave mouth is a few metres upslope on the right and is not directly visible from the stream bed. Its approximate position is 100 41' N; 610 16' W, and its altitude probably 220-250 m (700-800 ft).

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