Feeding Behaviour of the Squirrel, Sciurus granatensis Humboldt, on Cocoa Pods in Trinidad W.I.

David D. Chadee, David P. Chadee


Sciurus granatensis Humboldt, the red-tailed squirrel, is the only squirrel species known to occur in Trinidad (Boos 1986). It is distributed from north central Costa Rica to central Ecuador and eastwards from the Pacific Ocean through Venezuela north of the Orinoco River, including the islands of Margarita, Tobago and Trinidad (Nitikman 1985). This species occupies diverse ecological habitats ranging from tropical forest, where populations reach high densities, to crop lands, where it is considered a serious pest. Interest in squirrel activity was stimulated by the massive destruction of cocoa pods and the reduction of yield at a cocoa estate located near the 16 3/4 mile POSt on the Naparima Mayaro Road, Trinidad, W.l. This paper reports some observations on the feeding behaviour of the squirrel, Sciurus granatensis, on this estate.

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