The Vegetation Surrounding Mud Volcanoes in Trinidad

Paul L. Comeau


Until recently, little attention has been directed towards the natural vegetation associated with mud volcanoes, either worldwide or here in Trinidad. Interest has been focused mainly on the geology of these sites which is reflected in the number of publications dealing with this aspect. In Trinidad, mud volcanoes were mentioned in the literature as early as 1813 when Lavayssee described the ones in Cedros. Kugler (1933, 1938, 1968) made valuable contributions to the science of sedimentary volcanism with particular reference to Trinidad, while Higgins and Saunders (1974) examined all known Trinidad sites both terrestrial and marine with respect to their geophysical and chemical properties. With regard to the vegetation associated with Trinidad mud volcanoes, there is an unpublished study by Sharma (1990) comparing two sites (Devil's Woodyard and Karamat) and an article by Farrell (1981) on the vegetation around Moruga Bouffe. Otherwise, botanical information is scanty (Ramcharan 1978-1979, 1980 refers to Bois Neuf, Comeau 1990, 1992 deals with Karamat and Moruga Bouffe).

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