The years 1954 - 1959

Victor C. Quesnel


I returned to Trinidad from University in the summer of 1949 and met Ludolf Wehekind who was then president of The Trinidad Field Naturalists' Club. In the course of conversation I learnt from him that the club had not been meeting because noone was willing to be secretary. It was not clear to me then (or now) how long that condition had prevailed but we do know that the club was meeting in 1947 and had in fact spun off the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago (see Andrew Carr's article above). I was due to return to the University of Toronto for further study but told Ludolf that if he still needed one, he would have a secretary when I came back "for good", which I eventually did in July 1953. Almost immediately I contacted him and together we made plans to revive the club. So it came about that at a meeting on 28 Jan. 1954 at St. Mary's College Ludolf Wehekind was re-elected President and I was elected Hon. Secretary. From that day to this the club has functioned without a break.

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