Past and present thoughts of a Trinidad Field Naturalist 1934 - 1990

Arthur M. Greenhall


Great changes have taken place, many affecting the basic philosophy of the Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists' Club. The majestic forests are being destroyed, mountainsides and caves have been quarried for gravel, the water tables have dropped to dangerous levels, the waterways are polluted, even the bottom-loving scavenger fishes are being exported for the foreign pet trade. World famous Caroni and Nariva Swamps are being replaced by pollutants, even the mangroves, natural filters, are fast disappearing for land development. Excellent hunting and conservation regulations have been passed but never seriously accepted and therefore either ignored or not enforced or both. All the above is taking place as you watch. As long as I have known Trinidad and Tobago, the Field Naturalists' Club was the single non-government group actively concerned with the abuses of their natural heritage and acted to stop them. The objectives of the club are to being together persons interested in the study of natural history, the diffusion of knowledge thereof and the conservation of nature. While the club's publications the Field Natllralist and Living· World admirably fulfill the diffusion of knowledge I do not believe that the present membership adequately meets the other objective.

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