Feeding behaviour of the Great Kiskadee, Pitangus suiphuratus, on fish in Trinidad, West Indies.

Dave D. Chadee, Rajpaul Ganesh, Robin C. Persad


The Derby Flycatcher, "kiskadee", Pitangus sulphuratus, is distributed from southern USA through Central and South America to Bolivia and Argentina, including Trinidad (Quesnel 1956, ffrench 1980). In Trinidad, this species is frequently found in semi-open areas in both rural and urban areas, cultivated estates, ecotone of forest and at elevations up to and well above 455 meters. Interest in the kiskadee was stimulated when it was observed that large numbers of the fish Poecilia reticulata (Peter) (guppies) were being consumed from rearing containers located at Insect Vector Control Division, Head Office, St. Joseph, Trinidad. This paper reports, some observations in Trinidad on the fish feeding behaviour of the kiskadee, P. sulphuratus.

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