The discovery of Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman, Paleosuchus palpebrosus (Reptilia: Alligatoridae) in Trinidad

Saiyaad H. Ali, Nalini Rampersad-Ali, John C. Murphy


Trinidad has a rich diversity of reptiles. Murphy (1997) reported 91 species of reptiles including introduced species, species of questionable occurrence, and waifs. The 1997 summary also included a discussion of three species of crocodilians possibly present on Trinidad. The Spectacled Caiman, Caiman crocodilus is the only crocodilian known to have established populations on both Trinidad and Tobago. During a herpetofaunal survey of the South Central District of Trinidad, for the Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited, a team led by SHA and two field assistants Daryl Abraham and Darius Baldeo, discovered a specimen of Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman Paleosuchus palpebrosus. This is the first report of this species for Trinidad and Tobago.

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