Note on the Invertebrate Fauna of Soldado Rock

Johanna Darlington


I visited Soldado Rock on 9-10 July 1966 in company with Richard ffrench and collected a small number of invertebrates which were later identified. Two species of cockroaches seemed to be well established. The American cockroach Periplaneta americana (L.) (Blattinae) was numerous especially in the gully. The much larger and more sluggish cockroach Blaberus diseoidalis Serville (Blaberinae) was was represented by three adult females caught at night. Several predators were collecterd at night, hunting in the open. Two species of scolopendrid centipede were identified by R.L. Hoffman of Radford College, Virginia, USA. Scolopendra angulata (Newport) (Scolopendrinae) is a large, robust species identified from two specimens. Rhysida nuda (Newport) (Otostigminae) was identified from a single juvenile. A small solifugid (Chelicerata; Solpugidae) 2 cm long was identified by D.J. Clark of the British Museum (Natural History), London, as Ammotrechella geniculata (C.L. Koch). I also found two live queens of the bachac ant Alta cephalotes L. on the shore above high water mark. The crab Grapsus grapsus (L.) and the snail Littorina zic-zac Gmelin were abundant, as was also a robust isopod identified by Ligia (Hirtiligia) baudiniana.

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