The Skipper Butterflies (Hesperiidae) of Trinidad Part 6: Pyrginae, Genera Group D

Matthew J.W. Cock


This contribution covers Evans's (1952) genera group D and completes the first section of the Pyrginae which was outlined in Cock (1984b) . Genera group D is characterised by the third segments of the palpi parallel, and veins 6 & 7 approximate at their origins. Evans also suggests that the wings are held flat in repose, but this may not be true of Bungalotis spp. Cock (1982b) listed II species from this group for Trinidad; Discophellus nicephorus was added subsequently (Cock 1984a) and Bungalotis erythrus, Cephise cephise and Discophellus porcius treated below are further additions.

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