The Status and Distribution of Wetland - Dependent Birds in Trinidad.

Eugene K. Ramcharan, Richard ffrench


The avifauna of Trinidad has been studied for over 100 years and is now generally well known (ffrench 1980). Few studies, however, have looked at habitat dependence of the individual species and fewer still (ffrench 1966, Bacon 1970) have concentrated on mangroves and associated marshes. ffrench (1966), considering the mangrove avifauna, mainly from the Caroni Swamp, recorded 94 species and Bacon (1970) found 137 species in the mangroves and marshes of the Caroni Swamp. Both studies listed all species present in the study areas without considering their dependence on the habitat for survival. Mangroves and adjacent marshes in Trinidad have undergone pronounced changes in their physical and biological character during the past 30 years as a result of reclamation and channelization. This paper is an attempt to describe the present status and distribution of all species of birds that depend on these habitats for their survival and has arisen out of a study to describe the living resources of the major wetlands in Trinidad.

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