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Richard ffrench was born in England and shortly after graduating from Oxford University came to the West Indies with his wife Margaret. He lived in Barbados for three years and then came to Trinidad to teach at St Peter's School, Pointe-a-Pierre. His interest in birds was alreadY well developed bu t so was his interest in music and he contributed much to the cultural life of Trinidad and Tobago in both of these fields. He is a past president of the Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists' Club and edited its journal for a number of years. He was also chairman of the Board of Management of the Asa Wright Nature Centre for some years and served as a member of the board after his term as chairman. From his arrival in Trinidad to his departure in April 1985 he studied the avifauna of our two islands and produced his Guide to the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago in 1973. It is now in its fourth edition. A smaller (and cheaper) guide to the common birds has just been published and should introduce the study of birds to an even wider public. He has published several papers in this journal and in others and with Peter Bacon wrote Nature Trails of Trinidad. In all of these endeavours he has been ably helped and encouraged by his wife Margaret and we wish both all possible success in whatever new ventures they undertake in their native land. In recognition of his contribution to the study of natural history this issue of Living World is gratefully dedicated to him.

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