Bushmaster: Raymond Ditmars and the Hunt for the World's Largest Viper - Dan Eatherley

John C. Murphy


The 1935 book, Snake-Hunters Holiday is a combination travelogue, adventure and scientifi quest, co-authored by Raymond Ditmars, a New York Zoological Society reptile curator and William Bridges, a reporter for the New York Sun. It tells the story of a working summer vacation to Trinidad to collect reptiles in the summer of 1934. While Ditmars is listed as the senior author, he had little to do with the actual text written by Bridges; but, the book was commissioned by Ditmars. The major focus of the trip, capturing the giant pit viper, Lachesis muta - also known as the bushmaster or on Trinidad as mapepire z’annana. Snake-Hunter’s Holiday is also significant because of its recognition of the TTFNC, which is still thriving more than 80 years later. Now, Dan Eatherley has written a biographical volume on Raymond Ditmars and his obsession with finding a bushmaster in the wild.

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