A Preliminary study of Culex mosquitoes attracted to a turtle in Trinidad, W.I.

Dave D. Chadee, Robin C. Persad, Wayne Ramdath, R. Ganesh


During the course of investigations into a possible outbreak of equine encephalitis on a horse farm located in the CumutoWallerfield area, Trinidad, W.I., a "galap" turtie, Rhinoclemmys punctularia (Daudin) was collected. The turtle was collected and was subsequently exposed for 24 hours in a Trinidad No. 17 trap (Davies 1971) on the 9 August 1983. All mosquitoes collected were aspirated into mosquito jars and transported to the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre for identification. These preliminary observations show that Culex corniger and Culex declarator may be attracted to turtles though there is no record, yet, that they engorge.

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