An Onychophoran from the summit of Mt. Aripo, Trinidad, with notes on other animals from that locality

V.M. St. J. Read


Three species of onychophorans are known from Trinidad, Macroperipatus torquatus (Kennel), Epiperipatus trinidadensis trinidadensis (Stuhlmann) and Epiperipatus imthurmi (Sclater), (Peck 1975, personal observations). Arnett (1961) states that he has recently identified Epiperipatus edwardsii (Blanchard) from Trinidad, but as he gives no other details and does not refer to any specimens, this record must be considered as doubtful. Recently, the author has found a peripatus on the summit of Mt. Aripo, Trinidad, which tentatively can be identified as E. edwardsii.

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