Observations on the Biology of Skipper Butterflies in Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago: Phocides, Chioides, Typhedanus, and Polythrix (Hesperiidae: Eudaminae)

Matthew J.W. Cock


Observations are provided on the early stages and food plants of Phocides polybius polybius (Fabricius), P. pigmalion pigmalion (Cramer), Chioides catillus catillus (Cramer), Typhedanus undulatus (Hewitson), Polythrix auginus (Hewitson), P. caunus (Herrich-Schäffer), P. metallescens (Mabille), P. octomaculata (Sepp), Polythrix roma Evans from Trinidad, supplemented with observations on Phocides polybius lilea (Reakirt) and Polythrix octomaculata in Mexico.

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