A Consideration of the Terrestrial Reptile Fauna on Some Offshore Islands North West of Trinidad

Hans E.A. Boos


The northwestern peninsula of the island of Trinidad is separated rrom the Paria Peninsula of Venezuela by a passage known as the Dragon's Mouth. To the south of the northwestern peninsula of Trinidad there are several smaller islands of various sizes. Three larger ones are , Gaspar Grande (Gasparee), Cronstadt, and Carrera. and there are eight others, Centipede Island (Gasparillo) , Little Centipede Island , and the Five Islands or Cotorras (really six), Pelican, Rock, Nelson , Lenagan, Caledonia and Craig. Pelican Island and Little Centipede Island are little more than rocks, yet have had houses built on them in the past. Collections of reptiles have been made on nearly all of these islands and in some cases the collections or sightings have been recorded and published. A history of these collections and observations is given below.

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