Recent Data on Some Localised Trinidad Butterflies

Richard Raby


My work in the oil fields first brought me to South America in early 1981. During my first posting to Venezuela, I became fascinated with the wealth of New World insect life. I moved to Trinidad in February 1982, just in time to observe the famous Trinidad wet-season butterflies. Using "The Butterflies of Trinidad and Tobago" by Malcolm Barcant (1970) as my basic reference I decided to make a small collection. I have somewhat restricted my interests to the larger and mostly forest-dwelling species with emphasis on the families Papilionidae (Swallowtails or Pages), Brassolidae (Barks, Mort Bleus & Dynastors) and some of the more specialised Nymphalidae (Shoemakers). With the onset of the rainy season it became quite apparent that many things have changed since Barcant published his book. I feel it may be useful to add some recent findings to supplement his work. I must state now that my present knowledge of many species is due to the invaluable background assistance of resident collectors such as John ffrench , Felix Gomez and especially Scott Alston-Smith and Clive Urich.

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