A new record of the Large White Night

Edward Rooks


On the morning of Sunday, November 21,1976 it seemed almost certain that our planned hike would be called off. It was decided, however, that we would still try Mt. Catherine, Chaguaramas, and we arrived there in a totally saturated atmosphere. Descending from the summit, I noticed among the short saplings at the side of the path what had first appeared to be a common sight, a number of what I thought to be Euptychia hesione. But there was a pallid look about the butterflies that caught my eye, and I looked at them again, moticing their and other peculiarities, so I felt that I must capture one for closer observation. I was not immediately certain, but I can now safely say that the captured specimen is the "Large White Night", Euptychia calpurnia. The only previous record of this butterfly was a small brood near St. Ann's Peak summit, St. Ann's Ridge, discovered by R. Dick in 1932

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