Diel activity of some Trinidadian mosquitoes as related to transmission of arboviruses

Elisha S. Tikasingh


Some species of mosquitoes arc involved m the cycle of certain arthopod-borne viruses (arboviruses) in Trinidad. Consequently over the past several years, ecological studies on some of these mosquitoes have been undertaken by staff members of the Trinidad Regional Virus Laboratory. Part of these studies included the 24-hour activity diel cycles of certain species of mosquitoes as there have been few such studies in the Neotropics. Earlier works on diel activity of mosquitoes in the Neotropics concerned species which were involved m the cycle of yellow fever virus and these have been reviewed by de Kruijf (1972). Two recent pertinent papers (Aitken et al., 1968; de Kruijf, 1972) discussed the diel activity of some species which are also included in the present study, but these authors collected mosquitoes off human bait, which may have given biased results, whereas my study involved mechanical traps. The study was conducted at Turure a secondary tropical rain
forest in northeastern Trinidad.

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