Endoparasites of some Amphibia, Reptiles and small Mammals from Trinidad.

C.O.R. Everard


During field studies on the virology and ecology of arboreal and terrestrial vertebrates collected from northern Trinidad during the past 10 years, animals that were killed, or those that died, were examined for endoparasites, including some haemoparasites. The main collection areas were Chaguaramas, the north coast road to Maracas, Santa Cruz Valley, the sugar cane belt in the Piarco area, Aripo Savannahs, Waller Field, Turue Forest, and Vega de Oropuche. The endoparasites identified are listed under the host animals found infected. Local and English language common names, where known, are given for the host species to assist with recognition. Data on the sites ot parasitic infection have been omitted form the following lists.

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