The caterpillar of Rothschildia vanschaycki (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae), a little known silk moth from Trinidad, W.I.

David S. Huggins, Kris Sookdeo, Matthew J.W. Cock


On 9 March 2018, one of us (DSH) found and photographed a large, strikingly colourful caterpillar (Fig. 1) at Guapo Beach, near Point Fortin (approximately 10.19N, 61.67W), on a species of mangrove growing on land. The caterpillar was large, at least 6 cm long so probably in the final instar. It was stationary on a stem about 1.5m off the ground, and we presume that it was on its food plant since there were few other potential food plants nearby, and it wasn’t actively searching for a pupation site.


Rothschildia; vanschaycki; Saturniidae

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