Living World 2017

The 2017 Living World contains a Guest Editorial, nine research papers, six nature notes, one report and a book review. This year we are honoured to receive a Guest Editorial from John Agard describing our national responsibility to reduce carbon emissions.

Cover Photograph: Green Turtles were once thought to feed exclusively within areas of turtle grass. We now know that they also feed on algae associated with rocky reefs around both Trinidad and Tobago. This individual, and others, were regularly seen off the coast of Blanchisseusse in northern Trinidad. Photo Graham White.

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Table of Contents


Graham White
John B.R. Agard

Research Papers

E. Julian Duncan, Judy Rouse-Miller
Matthew J.W. Cock, Scott Alston-Smith
Michelle Cazabon-Mannette, Ayanna Carla N. Phillips
Matthew J.W. Cock
Lanya Fanovich, Neil D. Cook, Ryan S. Mohammed, Aljoscha Wothke
Ryan S. Mohammed, Nicholas Mohammed, Amy Elizabeth Deacon, Luke V. Rostant
Kerresha Khan, Saiyaad H. Ali, Ryan S. Mohammed
Kris Sookdeo, Matthew J.W. Cock
Christopher K. Starr, Shane T. Ballah

Nature Notes

Adam Fifi, Renoir J. Auguste
Rakesh Bhukal
Christopher K. Starr, Rakesh Bhukal
Ryan S. Mohammed, Kerresha Khan, Saiyaad H. Ali
J. Roger Downie, Mark S. Greener, Renoir J. Auguste, Pauline A. Geerah
Renoir J. Auguste


Martyn Kenefick

Book Reviews

Rakesh Bhukal