The ongoing activities of the Club are reported through minutes of the monthly meetings and by Quarterly Bulletins which are circulated to all members. The Bulletins also give detailed reports of field trips undertaken by the Club.
Back issues of the Bulletin are archived on this site.

Selected articles from the Quarterly Bulletin

Roraima - Mother of All Waters by Victor Quesnel (pdf file)
Bamboo Flowers, Tobago Wonder by Dan Jaggernauth

In April each year, the Club publishes a Programme of Activities which includes all lectures and field trips planned during the ensuing year.

Living World


The Club publishes an annual journal, Living World, which includes specialist articles and the results of research projects and investigative studies undertaken by various members and interest groups of the Club. Information on ordering the Journal, as well as indexes and archived articles, can be found on the Journal pages.

A collection of the early issues of the journal, spanning the years 1891 to 1896, has been republished on CD.

Browse Selected articles from the Journal

Floor plan, environment, and fauna of Tamana caves by J.S. Kenny
Some Field Observations on the Bachacs of Trinidad  by D. J. Peregrine
The Revegetation of the McClean Monument  by V. C. Quesnel et al.
Bush Bush Forest and the Nariva Swamp  by Thomas H. G. Aitken
Weeds by T. F. Farrell

Trail Guide, Annual Calendar, Wildlife and Wildflower Guides

To commemorate the centennial of the Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists' Club, a trail guidebook, Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists' Club Trail Guide, was published in July 1992. A revised and expanded second edition of this book is now available.

The Club publishes an annual Calendar featuring photographs by members. Compact fold-out field guides to the wildlife and wildflowers of Trinidad and Tobago have also been published.

These publications are distributed by the following bookstores:

  • Ishmael M Khan & Sons Ltd
  • Nigel R Khan Booksellers
  • Metropolitan Book Suppliers Ltd
  • R I K Services Ltd
  • The Book Specialists
  • Paper Based

The Trail Guide can also be ordered directly from the club:
Cost to USA $48.00 US including postage
Cost to UK 28.00 Pounds including postage

Native Trees


The Club has also published an illustrated guide to local trees, Native Trees of Trinidad and Tobago by V. C. Quesnel, T. F. Farrell and P. L. Comeau.


Tucker Valley BioBlitz 2012 Final Report
by Mike Rutherford

Chatham/Cap-de-Ville Industrial Estate. Letter of Objection

Chatham/Cap-de-Ville Industrial Estate. Reply to Town and Country Planning Div. April 2006.

Chaguaramas Housing. Letter of Objection. Sent Mar 2006

Protection of the Natural Environment from Forest and Bush Fires.

Forest Fires. Aide Memoire delivered to Min Environment. June 2003

National Physical development Plan. Letter to Min Environment. Aug 2005

National Physical development Plan. Environmental Principles sent to Min Env. Aug 2005

Artificial Reef. Proposal to use wrecks to make in Gulf of Paria

TTFNC Library Catalogue compiled by Nora Jones

Microsoft Excel worksheet
Microsoft Works database
(Zip archives)

"Environmental Matters Matter" by Peter Reis

A consumer's guide to recycling, reuse and waste reduction.

Address by Ian Lambie at the Club's 108th anniversary function

The Asa Wright Nature Centre

An outline of the history of the Centre, as presented by Ian Lambie at the Club's July 2001 meeting. This lecture was one in a series of presentations on the environmental organisations that have either been spawned by the Club, or in which Club members have played a large part.