Proteides mercurius grenadensis Pinchon & Enrico (Hesperiidae) in Grenada, with notes on Nyctelius nyctelius Latreille (Hesperiidae) and other Lepidoptera observed, October 1995

Matthew J.W. Cock


On a visit to Grenada, 4-5 October 1995, I spent just over one hour collecting butterflies. This collection of 36 specimens represented 12 species, of which seven were Hesperiidae. Butterflies were collected along a roadside, and in a patch of scrub and degraded forest on a hillside overlooking the Ramada Rennaisance Hotel, Grande Anse, between 06.30 and 08.00 on 5 October, 1995. Several specimens were taken at the flowers of a legume tree which was not familiar to me, but reminiscent of an Acacia sp. (woolly, pale yellow flowers).

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