The Establishment of Anolis aeneus (Gray) in Southwestern Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

Graham White, Stephen Smith, Stevland P. Charles


Anolis aeneus (Gray), a species native to Grenada, was first recorded in Tobago (The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago) in May 2007. During a survey conducted in November 2008, A. aeneus was found to be well established in south-west Tobago. There are no native anoles in Tobago but the exotic A. richardii (Duméril and Bibron), also native to Grenada, is widespread and abundant in disturbed areas. The presence of Anolis aeneus in Tobago recreates the competitive relationship that occurs in their original home in Grenada.

Key words: Anolis, aeneus, richardii, exotic species.

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