Use of Coconut Endocarp as an Oviposition Site by a Neotropical Harvestman (Opiliones: Cranaidae)

Victor R. Townsend Jr., Daniel N. Proud, Alan H. Savitzky, Merry V. Marshall


Field observations of oviposition sites used by harvestmen indicate that these arachnids may lay eggs within cavities of plant stems, tank bromeliads, on surfaces of leaves, moss, fallen trunks, decaying sheaths of palm fronds, leaf litter, soil, moist fallen leaves, spaces beneath rocks, snail shells, and cave walls (reviewed by Machado and Maciás-Ordóñez 2007). Although some species of harvestmen feed upon or are attracted to tropical fruits (Machado and Pizo 2000), there are no published reports of the use of fruits (fresh or decaying) as oviposition sites.

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