A Food Plant Record for Memphis pithyusa (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) in Trinidad

Charles de Gannes


Memphis pithyusa pithyusa (R. Felder), the southern blue leaf shoemaker of Barcant (1970), is amongst the least known of the larger butterflies of Trinidad. It has been commonly known under the name Anaea pithyusa, but the genus Anaea has now been split into several genera and pithyusa is now placed in the genus Memphis in the subfamily Charaxinae of Nymphalidae (Lamas 2004). These are very rare and localised butterflies, last recorded brooding in September and October 1947 at Morne Diable Quarry Road, southern Trinidad by Barcant (1970). Since then there have been only four or so isolated captures from scattered localities.

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