Update of Freshwater Turtles’ Distributions for Trinidad and Possible Threat of an Exotic Introduction

Ryan S. Mohammed, Srishti v. Mahabir, Alana K. Joseph, Shiva Manickchan, Carol Ramjohn


The distribution patterns for Kinosternon scorpioides scorpioides is now inclusive of the western portion of Trinidad. So too Rhinoclemmys punctularia punctularia’s distribution pattern has widened to include a greater southern area. Mesodemmys gibbus is still the rarest of all three aquatic species. There is now threat of naturalization of a fourth species, Trachemys scripta elegans which is native to the southern region of North America. Reports of their escapes as well as wild sightings across Trinidad are documented.

Key words: Kinosternon scorpioides scorpioides, Rhinoclemmys punctularia punctularia, Phrynops gibbus, Mesodemmys gibbus, Trachemys scripta elegans.

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