A Love Affair with a Tropical Island: Dave Hardy and the Struggle to Know Tobago’s Biota

Christopher K. Starr, Jo-Anne Nina Sewlal


David Hardy is well known in our region for his long-time, passionate interest in the island of Tobago and its biota. During a recent stay with him in Tobago, we found that he is known all over the island. Speaking with a fisherman in Speyside one day, we noted the man’s near-amazement to learn that our companion was none other than the legendary “Snake Man”. Dave’s main scientific expertise is in the systematics of fishes, amphibians and reptiles, and his paper on Tobago’s biogeography (Hardy 1982) remains the definitive work in that area. The following biographical article is mostly drawn from an interview conducted in Trinidad on 27 November, 2007.

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