Collections of Freshwater Mussel Shells of Anodontites sp. And Mycetopoda sp. in Rivers of South-Central Trinidad, West Indies

Ryan S. Mohammed, Dennis C. Nieweg, Wayne G. Rostant, Pooran Badal


Based on the literature reviewed, there are at least two species of freshwater mussels in Trinidad and the range for both Anodontites and Mycetopoda is very limited. Our collections and the appearance of the shells of these two species suggest that they are still present in our environment, but the current rate of land use for various forms of development is placing these species at risk of extinction in Trinidad. The Poole/Ortoire region lies within the Central Block oil reserve, the Caparo sites are within impacted range of the proposed Caparo/Mamoral dam and the Plum Mitan/Nariva area is presently under oil exploration and heavy agricultural use. With this in mind, further investigations would be undertaken to look at the present distribution of these species before there is a total loss of habitat.

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