New Records of Daddy-Longlegs Spiders (Pholcidae) from the Lesser Antilles, West Indies

Jo-Anne Nina Sewlal, Christopher K. Starr


Pholcidae are a worldwide family of about 1000 described species (Platnick 2007), commonly known as daddy-longlegs spiders. Most species are characterized by very long, thin legs, globular abdomens, and loose tangle webs. Four species are presently recorded from the Lesser Antilles (Huber 2000, 2007). Physocyclus globosus (Tacznowski) is very commonly found in buildings in the New World tropics; it is recorded from St. Vincent, and one of us (CKS) has found it abundant in Dominica. Mecolaesthus is a genus of 13 described species, likewise widespread in the New World tropics. In the Lesser Antilles, three species are known from Dominica, Guadeloupe and St. Vincent. In addition, Simon (1894) recorded Modisimus glaucus (Simon) from St. Vincent; however, this is probably either a mistaken identification or a locality error (B. Huber, pers. comm.). Our purpose here is to extend the known pholcid fauna of the Lesser Antilles arising out of collections on the islands of Anguilla (JNS and CKS), Grenada (JNS), St. Kitts (JNS) and Nevis (JNS and CKS) during 2006 and 2007.

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