Four more Trinidadian Spider (Arachnida: Araneida) Families

Jo-Anne Nina Sewlal, Giraldo Alayón


Sewlal and Cutler (2003) and Cutler (2005) record 42 spider families for Trinidad and Tobago. During a review of the spider collection at the Land Arthropod Collection, Natural Sciences, University of the West Indies, St. Augus­tine, between May to June 2006, we identified specimens belonging to the families Liocranidae and Barychelidae. We came across two specimens which, although not identified to genus or species, both unambiguously belong to the family Liocranidae because of the characters mentioned below. Sewlal and Cutler (2003) inadvertently omitted Trechaleidae from the annotated list of spider families for Trinidad and Tobago. It should be noted that members of both families lack cribellum and calamistrum. A recent phylogenetic study conducted by Kuntner (2006) removed the species Nephila clavipes (Linn.) along with a few others not found in Trinidad and Tobago from the family Tetragnathidae and places it into its own family Nephilidae. However, with the removal of N. clavipes, there remain many tetragnathids in Trinidad and Tobago.

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