The Aquatic Fauna of Two Intermittent Streams in the Southwestern Peninsula, Trinidad

Mary Alkins-Koo


According to Ordinance Survey maps (1977) , the Quarahoon River, in conjunction with its major tributaries, drains an area of approximately 16 km2 along the Chatham Road (South) and enters the sea at two points in Erin Bay. Faunal sampling was conducted on a monthly basis from 1980 to 1982 by a variety of methods. Bottom macrofauna was sampled with an Ekman grab and samples of detritus were taken by hand as well. A 3 mm mesh two-man push seine was used for fish and other swimming species as well as some benthic macrofauna. Plankton was sampled with a hand-held plankton net of mesh size 110 um.

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